The changes in human life has a connection with the roles that they assume. They live in a social environment but at the same time they choose their own behaviors and way of thinking.

Education has a center role in these processes of life. And the importance of creative works in child education is the fact that everyone accept.it is hard to tell these educational practices are sustainable both in schools and outdoors. Therefore we need to apply ''Creative Drama'' method as a necessary approach in education. 

“All the world's a stage.” ― William Shakespeare, As You Like It


There are points that should be developed in education:

  • Children should develop his skills in reading, writing, art, math,science and social sciences.
  • Developing mental and physical health.
  • Thinking abilities.
  • Create values ,expressing his own beliefs and hopes from life.
  • Developing his own aesthetic point of view and using words, colors, voice mimic and gestures efficiently.
  • By using efficient and innovated teaching and evaluation methods, developing the skills in math, science and reading skills.
  • Being a creative individual and trying this creativity on things.
  • Strengthen the critical way of thinking by active learning in social and cultural way.
  • Adopting the holistic approach in language teaching and learning.

Building this in today increasing multi-lingual classrooms. In many European countries, creative drama technique as a non traditional and participate approach is used in classes. As a result of studies it is known that creative drama technique has important contributes to learning process of the students.

These are:

  • Trust and harmony between group members.
  • Development of imagination
  • Provides communication, interaction, and cooperation between the learners.
  • Helps students to develop their social sensitivity.
  • Helps to recognize their own emotions.
  • Helps to develop their verbal skills.
  • Helps to recognize different examples of art like music, painting etc.

We want to use and develop creative drama technique efficiently in our schools. We know that this technique develops creativity, critical thinking abilities and efficient communication. These are very important criterias for 2010 European education targets. Our target is to see the effects of this technique on students, teachers and our education quality by sharing all educational attainments between our partnerships. Our need is to make contributions for development of today's individuals.

By this Project, we will expend our vision about modern European education methods. At the end of this Project we hope that we are going to have strong connections with our EU partnerships and have important experiences for our projects in the future. Creative drama studies are not a lesson in our schools.Creative drama studies are implemented in schools as out-of-school work.So we want to spread the using creative drama methods in education through our project.